More than a year before meeting Sarita I began experiencing a constant low back pain. I tried massage therapy, chiropractic care, western medicine, herbal medicine and acupuncture. I met Sarita at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego where she administered acupuncture for an extended period. Her treatment was more effective at relieving the discomfort than any of the other approaches but the pain never went away. It wasn't until during one of her treatment sessions that she was instrumental in diagnosing that my pelvis tilted out of alignment due to a weak hamstring muscle. Thanks to that diagnosis I was able to perform simple exercises that permanently ended that low back pain. I believe that without her treatment and observation I may never have been completely cured. - George C
My lower spine is so much improved that I was able to swing a golf club correctly for the first time in three years this week. I suffered no swelling, stiffness or pain afterward. Thanks for taking the time, effort and cost to learn your skill Sarita, you have made a fan out of this patient. I look forward to another treatment next Tuesday and monthly after that. - Mike G
It started with pain in my knuckle and then, as I ignored it, it worked it's way to my shoulder. I couldn't use scissors or cut anything because the pain would run up my arm. Getting dressed was painful and driving even worse. I started seeing Sarita and after each treatment, my pain was less and my range of motion improved. She has also shown me excercises to keep my shoulder in good shape. - Muffy P
I hurt my low back while shopping when I lifted heavy ice bag and hauled it in my hand. Sarita's two acupuncture treatments stopped my pain completely. Pain was 90% better after I had one acupuncture treatment from her but still had some lingering pain. But it was gone completely after the second treatment. - Jane G
You helped me so much today. I've had minimal pain since I saw you. Even if it comes back, I've had relief for 10 hours so far. Thank you so much! I've been keeping heat on it - like you said. You are a miracle worker! - Marion B